• Find below the steps you need to take to get well prepared for your internship. We divided them into the steps before and during your internship assignment.

  • The steps before you start your internship assignment


    Read all information on this website carefully

    Make sure to understand what we expect from you before you start hunting internship assignments.


    Search for your internship assignment

    Please check the following pages:

    Also please check the study specific information (BA, EBE, and Econometrics) for more details on the most suitable schedule of doing an internship.
    Did you find an internship but not sure whether it is suitable? Do the internship suitability QUICK SCAN.

    Register for the program specific internship course in SIS

    Registration deadlines, click here.


    After registering for the program specific internship course in SIS you will also get access to the BSc Internship page in Canvas (see step 4).


    The earlier you register the better.

    You do not need to have an internship to register for the internship course. However, to do an internship you need to be registered for the program specific internship course in SIS.


    Submit your internship assignment proposal

    EXTENDED Deadline: September 13, 2021 (the deadline has been extended twice; after September 13 we cannot accept any new proposals).


    Use this internship proposal form.

    After you filled it in, download it and submit it through Canvas in the course BSc Internship.


    No access yet? Enrol here.


    Make sure to write the proposal in collaboration with your company coach.

    Proposals will be evaluated by us within three weeks.


    Get assigned an internship supervisor

    Once your internship assignment proposal is approved we will assign a supervisor to you. Contact your supervisor to further fine tune your internship assignment. Good luck!

  • The steps during your internship assignment


    Meetings with your supervisor and your company coach

    Ideally you meet your company coach once a week to discuss your progress. Meet (either off line or online) your supervisor around three times during your internship assignment (e.g. at the start, halfway, and at the end of your internship). This meeting might be together with other internship students supervised by the same supervisor.


    Find solutions to the problem and develop the implementation plan

    The first half of your internship is about further fine tuning your assignment. Next to that you will start searching for solutions and you develop an implementation plan. Make sure to stay in close contact with both your company coach as well as your supervisor., and make sure you present your solution to the company and discuss what part will be implemented.


    Implement (part of) the solutions and reflect on the implementation

    Now it's time to implement (part of) your solution. Make sure to measure and reflect on the results.

    Please note: you may interpret 'implementation' rather broadly. The idea is that your solutions do not end up in a drawer but that you really try to make in impact at the company (however small).


    Hand in the biweekly updates

    Hand in these biweekly updates on the Canvas course BSc Internship.


    Hand in your final work

    Hand in your final work on the Canvas course BSc Internship.