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    Internships abroad

    You are allowed to do an internship abroad, if the Dutch government has classified that country with green or yellow colour code. Check it out here.

    Type of internship

    It should be a 'consultancy internship'. You will solve a very relevant problem for the company. Or in other words, you will improve something for the company. You will do this by coming up with practically relevant solutions. Next to that, you will implement and/or test (part of) your solution to see if it actually solves the problem.

    Please note that it is fine if you do other tasks on the side but those tasks should be relevant for and supportive of the main internship assignment (e.g. tasks needed to better understand the company and/or the context of the internship assignment).


    At least 336 hours need to be spend on the assignment and relevant tasks related to the assignment. More hours is fine! Those extra hours can be spend on tasks that are a little less related to the assignment.


    Please note:

    • It is important that, before you actually start, you discuss with the company which assignment is relevant for the company.
    • The assignment is part of your internship, which means that your internship company should allow you to work on the assignment during the hours of your internship. But given that the assignment is very relevant for the company this should not be a problem. If it is a problem for the company, the company is not suitable for the 12 EC internship.
    • Make sure you come up with an assignment that is focussed enough to be able to (partly) solve during the internship. Changing the global strategy for a large multinational might not be doable during your internship.
    • Take into account that you need to spend time on actually implementing/testing your solution.
    • More practical information, click here.

    Suitable interships

    Internship suitability quick scan

    Did you find an internship vacancy but are you not sure whether this will meet the requirements? Do the internship suitability QUICK SCAN.


    List with links to suitable internships

    Please check the list with suitable internships here.



    Requirements of the Bachelor Internship

    • You should spend at least 336 working hours (more is fine) on the internship assignment, which should be spread over at least 10 weeks, but longer is fine.
    • The internship company should have at least 3 full-time employees (next to the founders).
    • It should be completed in the first semester of your 3rd year, which means that you also have to hand in all your work before the end of the first semester. You may already start in the summer.
    • At least 90 EC of your study programme has to be completed before you are allowed to do an internship.
    • In case you have to do electives, we advice you to NOT work for more than 32 hours a week on the internship.
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    Do the internship suitability

    ☝️ Please note👇

    • "meewerk stages" (or work along internships) will most likely not be suitable.

    • Internships at consultancy firms during which you work on actual assignments from clients, are most likely suitable.

    • As long as the company allows room to work on additional assignments / projects, the internship will most likely be suitable.