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    Characteristics and requirements of the Bachelor Internship

    In a nutshell, this '3rd year within curriculum internship' has the following characteristics and requirements:

    • It allows you to gain relevant experience at an existing company by providing and (partly) implementing high quality, practically relevant and academically supported recommendations.
    • The assignment can best be compared with a consultancy assignment during which you come up with recommendations and actually implement (part of) the recommendations.
    • It is fine if you do other tasks on the side for the company but those tasks should be in line with and supportive to the main internship assignment (e.g. tasks aimed to better understand the company or the context of the internship assignment).
    • It will culminate in a to the point internship report (in the form of a deck of slides) and a self-reflection report (slides). More details about the requirements of the reports can be found on Canvas.
    • The internship company should have at least 3 full-time employees (next to the founders).
    • The internship lasts around 336 working hours, which should be spread over at least 10 weeks, but longer is fine in case of part-time internships.
    • You can only start an internship if you have successfully passed the first year of the programme.
    • It should be completed in the first semester of your 3rd year, which means that you also have to hand in all your work before the end of the first semester.
    • It will be awarded with 12 ECTS, it will be graded on a pass/fail basis. Next to your internship you need to obtain another 18 ECTS through electives (BA and EBE only, econometrics students have mandatory courses). More information on electives.
    • At least 90 EC of your study programme has to be completed

    • The internship needs to be approved by the internship coordinator (more information see the steps).
    • It needs to be supervised by a company coach and a supervisor affiliated with the UvA.

    Learning objectives

    Upon completion of your internship assignment, you have gained:

    • The ability to come up with viable, high quality recommendations that will solve a practically relevant research question for an existing company.
    • The ability to employ relevant academic theories to support your recommendations.
    • The ability to translate your recommendations into an implementation plan and (partly) execute this plan.
    • The ability to communicate effectively with relevant stakeholders related to you internship assignment.

    Examination and grading

    You will hand in the following deliverables:

    • Biweekly updates (i.e. every other week) in which you indicate what you've done the past two weeks, what you will do the coming two weeks (including milestones), and what hurdles, problems, struggles you are facing.
    • To the point report (in the form of a deck of slides and (if applicable) appendices) in which (among other things) the problem statement, recommendations, the implementation plan and reflection on the implementation are presented.
    • Self-reflection report (in the form of a deck of slides).
    Grading will be done on a pass/fail basis. All deliverables need to be graded with a pass.
    A resit is possible for all deliverables. In the case of a resit, the new deadline will be four weeks after you finished the internship.

    How to find an internship

    Please check the following pages:

    • UvA Job Board with pre-approved internships (LINK WILL FOLLOW)
    • Canvas Page of the EB Career Center (UvA) (No access yet? Enrol here.)

    Internship company

    The only requirement is that the internship company should have at least 3 full-time employees (next to the founders).

    You are free to choose any organization you like. However, you are not allowed to do your bachelor internship at your own organization.

    The steps you take during your internship assignment

    In a nutshell and after you found an internship company, you will follow these steps during your internship assignment:

    1. Fine tune the internship focus and develop a practically relevant research question.
    2. Develop the research design and method for data collection.
    3. Collect and analyse the data.
    4. Formulate the recommendations.
    5. Construct the implementation plan.
    6. (Partly) implement the recommendations.
    7. Submit your work.

    Your company coach

    The company coach (i.e. a representative from your internship company) is the person who gives you help and guidance during your internship. Make sure that he/she has influence in the company and knows his/her way around. Ideally, your company coach will have a direct interest in the success of your assignment. Make clear arrangements with your coach (e.g. regular meetings, scope and focus of your assignment, etc.) and confirm those arrangements. Discuss the assignment with your company coach as well as the amount of time available for the assignment next to other tasks. Also make sure to discuss the internship proposal. In the end, your company coach will need to fill out an evaluation form on your performance during your internship that will be taken into account for the final evaluation by the supervisor.

    Your internship supervisor

    Your supervisor will be assigned to you once your internship proposal is approved.


    The internship supervision process typically consists of the following elements, which are discussed during group sessions with other internship students and/or during face to face meetings:

    1. Discussing and fine tuning the students’ internship focus and a practically relevant research question.
    2. Discussing the research design and method for data collection.
    3. Discussing the data analysis and results.
    4. Discussing the consistency and completeness of the internship report as well recommendations.
    5. Discussing the implementation plan and how to (partly) implement the recommendations.
    6. Grading the internship and reflection report.

    In general you will meet your supervisor around three times either during group sessions with other internship students or during individual meetings. Next to that you will send a biweekly 'scrum-style' report in which you indicate what you have done, what you will do (including milestones), and what hurdles, problems, struggles you are facing.


    Most supervisors will organise sessions with all students they supervise. This way students can share their experience and provide/receive feedback.

    Internship abroad

    This is possible but please note that this requires careful planning of your study programme in year 3 in order to obtain all the required ECTS at the end of year 3. You might want to explore the opportunities to take electives at an university in the country you are doing your internship, more information on taking courses abroad.


    Please note that Econometrics student have mandatory courses during the first semester. Therefore, an internship abroad is only possible in case similar courses (approved by the exam committee) can be taken abroad.

    Start date and duration of your internship

    In general you start and finish your internship in the first semester of you third year. However, you may start already in the summer.

    The internship lasts around 336 working hours, which should be spread over at least 10 weeks, but longer is fine in case of part-time internships.

    Please check the study specific information (BA, EBE, and Econometrics) for more details on the most suitable schedule of doing an internship.

    Internship contracts

    It is advisable to confirm agreements with your internship company in writing to avoid possible conflicts.


    Note: In case your internship company requires a signature from a representative of the UvA, you will need to use a standardized UvA contract.

    Note: Non-EU students are required to use the standard Nuffic contract.


    Check the EB Career Center Canvas Page for more information on contracts (and some example contracts).


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