• Practical information

    Internship abroad

    You are allowed to do an internship abroad, if the Dutch government has classified that country with green or yellow colour code. Check it out here.

    How to find an internship

    Please check the following pages:

    Your company coach

    The company coach (i.e. a representative from your internship company) is the person who gives you help and guidance during your internship. Make sure that he/she has influence in the company and knows his/her way around. Ideally, your company coach will have a direct interest in the success of your assignment. Make clear arrangements with your coach (e.g. regular meetings, scope and focus of your assignment, etc.) and confirm those arrangements. Before you actually start, discuss the assignment with your company coach as well as the amount of time available for the assignment and tasks relevant for the assignment (which should be at least 336 hours) next to other tasks. Also make sure to discuss the internship proposal. In the end, your company coach will need to fill out an evaluation form on your performance during your internship.

    Your internship supervisor

    Your supervisor will be assigned to you once your internship proposal is approved.


    The internship supervision process typically consists of the following elements:

    1. Discussing and fine tuning your internship focus and the assignment (e.g. the problem you will be solving)
    2. Guiding you in your search for practically relevant solutions to the problem
    3. Guiding you in developing your implementation plan and guiding you in how to (partly) implement the recommendations.
    4. Grading the internship and reflection report.

    In general you will meet your supervisor around two or three times either during group sessions with other internship students or during individual meetings. Next to that you will send a biweekly 'scrum-style' report in which you indicate what you have done, what you will do (including milestones), and what hurdles, problems, struggles you are facing.


    Most supervisors will organise sessions with all students they supervise. This way students can share their experience and provide/receive feedback.

    Examination and grading

    You will hand in the following deliverables:

    • Biweekly updates (i.e. every other week) in which you indicate what you've done the past two weeks, what you will do the coming two weeks (including milestones), and what hurdles, problems, struggles you are facing.
    • To the point report (in the form of a deck of slides and (if applicable) appendices) in which (among other things) the problem statement, solution, the implementation plan and reflection on the implementation are presented.
    • Self-reflection report (in the form of a deck of slides).
    Grading will be done on a pass/fail basis. All deliverables need to be graded with a pass.
    A resit is possible for all deliverables. In the case of a resit, the new deadline will be four weeks after you finished the internship.

    Internship contracts

    It is advisable to confirm agreements with your internship company in writing to avoid possible conflicts.


    Note: In case your internship company requires a signature from a representative of the UvA, you will need to use a standardized UvA contract.

    Note: Non-EU students are required to use the standard Nuffic contract and are NOT allowed to work more than 32 hours per week.


    Click here to find the contracts.