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  • Internship assignment

    This '3rd year within curriculum internship' allows our students to gain relevant experience at an existing company by providing and (partly) implementing high quality, practically relevant and academically supported recommendations. It is fine if they do other tasks on the side but those tasks should be in line with and supportive of the main internship assignment (e.g. tasks needed to better understand the company and/or the context of the internship assignment).


    The assignment can best be compared with a consultancy assignment during which the intern comes up with recommendations and actually implements (part of) the recommendations.

    Start date and duration

    In general, the internship starts in September and lasts at least 10 weeks (longer is fine) for 4 days a week, the equivalent of at least 336 working hours. However, students are free to extend their internship and/or to do it either part time or full time (or a combination of the two).


    Please also have a look at the detailed information on the page for students.

    The students

    The internship opportunity is for third year Bachelor students from the following three Bachelor programs:

    Responsibilities for companies

    Dedicated company coach

    As internship company you should provide a dedicated company coach (i.e. a representative from the internship company). This is the person who gives help and guidance during a student's internship. Next to that, the company coach might be contacted by the supervisor assigned by the university. In the end, the company coach will need to fill out a brief evaluation form on the student's performance during their internship, which will be taken into account for the final evaluation by the supervisor.


    Supporting learning environment

    It's important that the students learn as much as possible during their internship. Therefore, students should have the opportunity to work on their assignment for the majority of the time, and are provided access to relevant stakeholders and information needed to come up with high quality recommendations. Next to that, the student together with the company (coach) need to work towards recommendations that can actually be (partly) implemented. Otherwise the student might face the risk of not passing the internship, resulting in not getting their credits.

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