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  • Summary

    The internship allows 3rd year Bachelor students to gain relevant experience at an existing company by providing and (partly) implementing high quality, practically relevant and academically supported recommendations. This can best be compared with a consultancy assignment.


    The internship will be awarded with 12 ECTS. The internship lasts at least 336 working hours, which should be spread over 10-20 weeks.

    • The role of the supervisor: Guide and inspire the students during their internship, and evaluate their work.
    • Way of supervising: Meetings (face to face and/or group) (e.g. at the start, half-way, and at the end of the internship).
    • Time investment: max 5 hours per student.
    • Start date: Most students start their internship in September. Supervision is provided for the duration of the internship period (10-20 weeks).
    • Number of students: For reasons of efficiency, each supervisor ideally takes on 5-10 students.
    • Period of supervision: Sep-Jan. This period depends on the duration of the internship assignment of your students and some students might already start in the summer.


    The supervisor guarantees to be accessible for the student, shows a supporting and stimulating attitude and provides the student with timely feedback when requested.


    Students will be assigned to a supervisor after their internship proposal has been approved by the internship coordinator.


    The internship supervision process typically consists of the following elements:

    • Discussing and fine tuning the students’ internship focus and a practically relevant research question.
    • Discussing the method for data collection.
    • Discussing the data analysis and results.
    • Discussing the consistency and completeness of the internship report as well recommendations.
    • Discussing the implementation plan and how to (partly) implement the recommendations.
    • Grading the internship and reflection report (both consist of a set op slides and are graded on pass/fail).

    Next to the three face to face and/or group meetings (e.g. at the start, half-way, and at the end of the internship) the supervisor will frequently receive a 'scrum-style' report in which students indicate what they have done, what they will do (including milestones), and what hurdles, problems, struggles they are facing.


    In case of supervising multiple students, to create some synergy and efficiency, supervisors can organise sessions with all students they supervise. This way students can share their experience and provide/receive feedback.


    For more information about the internship, please have a look at the information for students.

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