• More information about suitable internship assignments

  • Find below a few (somewhat broad and maybe simplified) examples of suitable internship assignments


    What could be new business opportunities for Company X?

    How could Company X scale up internationally?

    How could Company X attract (new rounds of) funding?

    What are ways for Company X to implements forms of open innovation?


    How can the credit risk modelling process of SME's be automated at Company X?

    How could VC X improve the way they determine the valuation of a startup?


    How could Company X attract more young talent at universities?

    What are ways to reduce the risk of burn outs for Company X?


    How could Company X make their marketing efforts more effective?

    How could Company X optimise their social media campaigns for Product Y?

    Quantitative economics

    How could Company X improve its processperformance with help of Process Mining techniques and technologies?
    How could the development of dataanalytics dashboards better steer (the managers of) Company X toward the
    realization of objectives?




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