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    Internships allow students to gain relevant experience and companies to get valuable insights and to meet future employees.

  • Some context

    On this website you will find practical information about the 'within curriculum internship' opportunities for 3rd year Bachelor students of Economics and Business, University of Amsterdam.


    The assignment can best be compared with a consultancy assignment during which the intern comes up with recommendations and actually implements and/or tests (part of) the recommendations.


    It is fine if interns do other tasks on the side but those tasks should be in line with and supportive of the main internship assignment (e.g. tasks needed to better understand the company and/or the context of the internship assignment).


    The internship opportunity is for students from the following three Bachelor programs:

    In a nut shell an internship allows 3rd year Bachelor students to gain relevant experience at an existing company by providing and (partly) implementing high quality, practically relevant and academically supported recommendations.



    The final deliverable is a to the point consultancy report (in the form of a deck of slides) in which the recommendations, the implementation plan and reflection on the implementation are presented. Students are supervised by both a company as well as a university representative.


    The internship will be awarded with 12 ECTS. The internship lasts around 336 working hours, which should be spread over at least 10 weeks, but longer is fine in case of part-time internships.


    On this website you will find all relevant information.


    Good luck!

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